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Calculation of Child Support

Calculation of Child Support

Upon divorce or separation, the continued well-being and support of your children is important. Your peace of mind depends, in large part, on knowing your children will continue to be cared for once the marriage ends. At Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger, A Law Corporation we work to protect the best interests of your children by ensuring fair child support and maintenance.

Provisions for child support are separate and severable from the other provisions of your divorce. The way child support is calculated is based on the California Child Support Guidelines. The calculation takes many factors into consideration, such as:

● The number of children

● The custody arrangement

● The income of each parent

Use of a skilled family law attorney is imperative when calculating child support. A skilled attorney knows the issues to consider and how to best present those issues to the family law judge when an award of child support is fixed. Likewise, when the need to modify a previously awarded figure arises, presenting your special and unique circumstances is best made by an attorney qualified to do so. Because the continued well-being of your children depends on support, make the choice to enlist the services of an attorney with experience in this area. Our family law attorneys give your case a detailed factual analysis and can give you an estimate of the amount of child support likely to be awarded in your case. We also offer guidance on likely results of modifications. We review your case and give you the possible scenarios for results so you can make decisions that are tailored to your circumstances and that will yield the highest probability of a satisfactory result.

If you have questions about possible child support amounts, or need to modify an existing agreement, call our office. Speak with an attorney well versed in issues of child support and other family law related matters. Call a Palm Springs family law attorney for sound legal advice regarding child support.

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