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Employment Discrimination

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Employment discrimination can take many forms: unfair hiring or firing practices, harassment, and bias in promotion or pay are just a few of the ways employers violate the law. Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger has been representing employers and employees in California employment discrimination cases since 1951. No matter which side of the case you are on, an employment discrimination attorney at the Riverside County law firm of Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger protects your interests.

State or Federal law—which applies?

The federal laws governing the workplace include the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Equal Pay Act of 1963. California’s employment discrimination law is the Fair Employment and Housing Act. An employee can proceed under either state or federal law. Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger, a law corporation, advises that employees who file claims under California’s employment discrimination laws generally have less difficulty with their cases. The federal laws have damage limitations, tougher burdens of proof and employer defenses that can thwart the employee’s case. In addition, the California employment discrimination laws apply to a broader range of employees and employers.

If the employee files an action under federal law, he or she must initially go through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If proceeding under California law, the employee must file the charges with the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH). Both the EEOC and the DFEH issue “right to sue” letters that entitle the employee to file suit in either federal or state court.

What can an employee in California hope to gain through an employment discrimination suit?

The goal of most employee clients of Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger is to recover damages against an employer. Not only can the employee recover lost wages, attorneys fees and costs, and damages for emotional distress, but also punitive damages that can far exceed actual damages. If you are an employee with a good case, it is imperative to retain a discrimination lawyer at Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger before you commence your case. Your attorney can maximize your recovery against your employer.

What can an employer do to protect against discrimination cases?

If you are a California employer facing employment discrimination charges, you are at risk for having to pay major damages. As soon as you hearing rumblings of discontent from your employees, you should contact Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger to learn how protect yourself from violations of employment discrimination laws, employment agreements, wage & hour laws, and wrongful termination law.

If your employer is discriminating against you, or if you are an employer seeking labor law advice, contact the Riverside and San Bernardino County law firm of Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger.

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