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Real Estate Agreements

Experienced Attorneys Draft Real Estate Agreements in California

Palm Springs firm handles residential and commercial property matters

Real estate is a unique asset with intrinsic value. But to get the most out of your property transaction, you need a clear, detailed contract that protects your interests. At Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger in Palm Springs, our attorneys have decades of experience with real estate transactions and litigation throughout Southern California. We represent commercial and residential property owners, buyers, sellers, renters, and developers. We help you identify and prioritize your goals and then negotiate a contract or lease that meets your needs and protects you against foreseeable issues.

Common types of real estate agreements

Whenever you’re involved in a real estate transaction, you generally only have one chance to get the deal done right. Consulting an experienced real estate attorney is vitally important if you want to protect your rights, avoid pitfalls and get the greatest benefit of your bargain. Our lawyers have extensive experience with real estate contracts, including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements — Whether you are the buyer or seller, you can trust our lawyers to review every detail of the sale. We draft real estate contracts precisely, and we meticulously examine accompanying documentation, including the terms and structure of any loan. We review title searches to discover and cure defects in title.
  • Residential leases — Landlords who rely on boilerplate leases, and tenants who sign leases without asking a lawyer to review them, are putting their interests at risk. We help our clients apply principles of contract law to their specific properties and the unique situations of the owners and residents.
  • Commercial leases — Commercial landlords and tenants must dive deeply into the details of their commercial leases to protect their business interests. Our attorneys are well versed in the complexities of commercial leases, including the limits of the premises, liability, insurance, repairs, the lease term and grounds for termination.
  • Exchange agreement — On occasion, property owners may decide to swap parcels. Under a 1031 exchange, a party seeks to defer taxes on the swap. Moreover, real estate investors may avoid capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture taxes when they sell the property.
  • Power of attorney — If a property owner becomes incapacitated, a power of attorney allows an agent of the owner to manage the property, pay property taxes and execute transactions, such as the lease or sale of the property.

Our attorneys provide personalized advice tailored to the specifics of your situation, so you can achieve your goals.

Real estate breach of contract issues

A real estate contract is an exchange of promises between a buyer and a seller or a lessor and a lessee. When one party fails to make good on a material promise, he or she is in breach. In addition to other remedies, the nonbreaching party may be entitled to monetary damages. Because real estate is a unique asset, courts may order specific performance of the contract, a remedy that is rarely available for most contract breaches. For example, if a buyer has done everything required under the sales agreement, but the owner refuses to surrender the property, a court could order the transaction to go through.

When you consult our firm for your transaction, you also get the power of an accomplished litigation department to protect your rights.

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