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Experienced California Real Estate Lawyer Protect Your Financial and Legal Interests

Palm Springs attorneys with a commitment to exceptional client service

With over 170 years of combined legal experience, the six real estate lawyers at Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger in Palm Springs, California are able to efficiently identify and execute strategies to serve our clients’ varied needs. As a full-service firm in practice since 1951, we represent property owners, sellers, lenders, financing agencies and others in all types of transactions, ranging from simple residential closings to multimillion-dollar securitized deals. Coachella Valley residents who want accurate, reliable and cost-effective options can turn to us for assistance.

Dedicated lawyers focus on your contractual rights

Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, you have legal interests to protect. Investing in residential or commercial property carries risks and if you’re on the selling side, you want to insulate yourself from potential liability and ensure that you comply with all relevant laws.

The contract phase is the most critical for any real estate transaction, no matter its complexity. As experienced counsel in the field, we can draft a contract tailored to your needs or review and amend a proposed contract provided by another party’s attorney or representative. Our review process includes analysis of all documents relating to the transaction, including land title records and property financial histories. The phrasing of key terms and conditions is crucial to interpretation of the contract and avoidance of ambiguities should a contest arise over its enforceability. We make sure that your rights to extend or to get out of the contract are set forth clearly and protected, covering such contingencies as passing inspections, clearing title and acquiring financing before closing. We will also assist you with the title search and insurance process and prepare or review deeds, easements and other documents necessary to successful closure of the deal.

Competent attorneys understand the complex California escrow process

We work with property owners, lenders and financing agencies in all aspects of the escrow process that controls the transfer of real property in California. An escrow agent is a third party that collects and holds the down payment and other funds for the transaction along with the essential documents, such as the deed and mortgage. Escrow begins after an offer to purchase a property has been accepted and a purchase agreement has been signed. Though the escrow agent is in overall charge of the closing process, the attorneys for the buyer, seller and lender shoulder many of the responsibilities. The buyer’s attorney performs due diligence and investigations on the property, including title searches. The lender’s attorney arranges an appraisal. The title company runs a title search and secures title insurance. The seller’s attorney drafts the deed. There are other steps of the process requiring the assistance of a skilled real estate lawyer, which may include renegotiation of the sales price, acquisition of additional financing and compliance with environmental restrictions.

Knowledgeable lawyers stay up-to-date on latest changes in real estate law

Our attorneys stay current on the latest amendments to California law, such as the 2019 changes to the Agency Law Disclosure form that is required in all transactions with a licensed agent. The form has a new section detailing the special responsibilities that apply when an agent represents both seller and buyer. The disclosure must be translated into a foreign language for loan modifications if necessary, including loan estimate and closing disclosure forms. The seller’s and buyer’s agents must obtain a signed acknowledgment that they received the responsibilities disclosure. If disclosures are made after a purchase agreement is executed, the buyers are allowed additional time to cancel.

Real estate lawyers handle a wide variety of legal issues

In addition to sale, purchase and financing of real estate transactions, we provide skilled representation for clients involved with:

  • Landlord-tenant litigation — We achieve successful resolutions of disputes over security deposits, repairs, property damage, rent payments and other landlord-tenant law
  • Real estate litigation — Our firm has a successful court record and a strong reputation for advocacy in real estate and construction lawsuits.
  • Land use planning — We guide clients through the complex land use planning process that must be navigated to develop property in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
  • Eminent domain — When land is taken for public use by eminent domain , we make sure our clients receive just compensation based on accurate valuations.

Our other practice areas include forming and representing homeowners’ associations and common interest developments and drafting covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that comply with California law. We also have handled leasing, land conversions, water rights and other issues related to Coachella Valley’s extensive Native American land allotment.

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