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My Company Is Being Charged With Wrongful Termination, What Should We Do?

My Company Is Being Charged With Wrongful Termination, What Should We Do?

Continued and stable employment allows people to provide for their family and maintain their lifestyle. Yet, an employer should be able to exercise the right to terminate an employee when the need arises. The attorneys at Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger, A Law Corporation can help. We have a team of attorneys with proficiency in defending suits brought for wrongful termination.

California is an at will employment state, meaning employees can be relieved of their job duties for any reason and without warning. What this means practically speaking is that the employer need give no reason for the termination. The litigation surrounding a claim of wrongful termination usually include allegations that an exception to this general rule exists. The distinction can be hard to make. The legal issues in this area are made all the more complex by adding the human, emotional element often involved in a wrongful termination matter. The employee is usually upset and angry at his or her former employer and the employer generally believes the discharge was proper. Balancing these competing interest tends to trip up employers who have discharged an employee. Recent news highlights issues surrounding wrongful termination issues, in the instance of a swimming coach terminated for misconduct the following issues arose:

● A pattern of inappropriate behavior

● Allegations of ignoring complaints of the behavior

The case involved an employee who was terminated after making complaints of inappropriate sexual behavior. The coach in question ultimately accepted a three-year membership ban rather than exercise his right to a National Board of Review of the matter.

Do not undertake the defense of a charge of wrongful termination without first seeking the advice of a competent business litigation attorney. Protect your and your company’s good reputation by associating with attorneys that have stellar reputations in this area. Call a qualified business litigation attorney. The combined experience of our business litigation attorneys is 170 years. Put that experience to work for your company.

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