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Charitable Remainder Trusts: The Pros and the Cons

Charitable giving has far-reaching effects. It can, for example, fund the fight against cancer and the discovery of treatments for macular degeneration or provide much-needed after-school activities for disadvantaged youth. For people who have a deep and abiding interest in the support of a specific cause, a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) can serve both altruistic Read More

Advance Health Care Directives

The ability to chart our course in life is one that we sometimes take for granted. And while we would like to believe that we will always be able to retain control over the choices that affect us, illness and incapacity can severely undermine that control unless we are prepared for such contingencies. Because life Read More

Insider Trading: What You Do Know Can Hurt You

Insider trading prosecutions are sending a loud message to all those who think the benefits of insider trading outweigh its risks. The $15 billion dollar hedge fund SAC Capital recently agreed to pay fines of more than $600 million dollars to settle insider trading charges on only two trades without admitting liability — it remains Read More

The Role of Experts in Construction Litigation

Expert advice and opinion can be important components of negotiation and litigation strategies.  According to one study, expert witnesses were used in more than 80% of the jury trials in civil matters, particularly because so many cases involve matters of science and engineering. Construction dispute attorneys in Riverside County can advise and assist you in Read More

California Tenants: Don’t Leave Your Security Deposit Behind When You Move Out

There are a large number of tenants in California, according to a 2011 survey that identified 2.5 million occupied apartments in the state. In early May of 2013, some of these tenants marshaled their forces and organized a protest at the State Capitol to demonstrate their support for California Senate Bill SB 603. This bill Read More

Truth In Selling: California’s Real Estate Disclosure Obligations

By statute and under common law, a real estate seller is obligated to disclose any and all facts about their property related to its value and appeal — a wraparound obligation that requires scanning the property for internal defects and scoping the surroundings for environmental and social issues. Therefore, documents must be provided to prospective Read More

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